Naomi & David

It’s too long of a story to explain how I ended up in Belgium photographing Naomi & David’s wedding, so I’ll just tell you all about them and their day. This couple went from friends to something more, and it was clear they were the best of friends that simply loved to be around each other. They orchestrated wedding events surrounding the entire day from 9 am to 2 am the next day. Scroll to see the love for yourself…

Bridesmaid helping bride into dress before city hall ceremony in Ghent, Belgium
Silhouette of bride going downstairs before her wedding in Ghent, Belgium
Close up of bride’s dress and lace details for wedding in Ghent, Belgium

Naomi and David’s day started in the morning with their town hall ceremony, since in Belgium that’s how ya gotta do it legally. We proceeded to run around the city for two hours fighting crazy winds for some epic portraits in Belgium’s oldest city.

Couple kissing on bridge overlooking the old cityscape of Ghent, Belgium
Bride smiling in windswept dress outside the old Post Office building in Ghent, Belgium
Couple sitting together smiling and laughing on restaurant patio in Ghent, Belgium
Couple embracing one another in cozy bar in the downtown of Ghent, Belgium

Throughout the day, Naomi and David hosted a lunch for their beloved family, a religious ceremony complete with the entire room singing after the vows, and an all night party catered with a Belgian fry truck (YUM).


David’s sister lovingly created their wedding cake and a full dessert spread for their guests. Their reception was not complete without a flash mob, dancing exactly like Kevin Bacon to “Footloose,” and belting out as many ballads as they could.


“It’s easy to be kind to such an amazing person! We love you! And if you want to come back one day [to Belgium], you’re always welcome!”

-Naomi & David, in response to my comments on the couple’s generosity & hospitality