Wanna get coffee sometime?
Or maybe just take it slow and talk on the phone?

You have found your one. And your + 1 (that’s me!) Yeah, I know that choosing a wedding photographer can feel a bit like going on a first date. It’s a big decision, one that I don’t recommend taking lightly. But if you think I’m right for you, let’s get this started.

You won’t have to put a ring on me yet. This is just the beginning, like the butterflies-in-the-stomach stage.

P.S. Wedding photography is not one size fits all. I tailor each package to satisfy your unique wants, needs and desires. But just so ya know, packages start at around $2800!

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(Fear not! This is just to get an idea. Just let me know what you’re thinking. There are options, payment plans, etc. that we can discuss.)
(Give me your bullet-pointed love story. The scoop on your venue and the vibe you want. What are your dream photo shots? What kind of wedding cake are you having and can I have a slice? Jk, but for real, tell me what matters most to you in this whole process.)