Wedding photography is a way to express art in my favorite form: learning about you and telling your story.


Who I Am

I’m the type of person who goes to art museums alone, wandering at my own pace. I rock all shades of red lipstick to feel bold, but I only wear neutrals. You can’t get me to shut up during movies, unless it’s from the Marvel franchise. I’m addicted to carbs, bread is my bread and butter (haha get it?)

 Awkward humor is my style, I'm an introvert/extrovert combo. My house is a mess but my inbox always has 0 unread messages. Long story short, I’m shamelessly myself.

Why I’m Here

Yes, I have a BFA in Fine Art Photography (*breathes on glasses and wipes them with microfiber cloth*). But I swore I wouldn’t be yet another person with an art degree who never puts it to use. I like to finish what I start. When I found the link between wedding photography and my work in art school, all the lights lit up. 

What Drives Me

Never one for self-portraits, I strive to remove my ego from my work. I focus on others. I’m fascinated by what makes a person the way they are. Humans are the most beautifully complex creatures. 

I bet you have questions, though. I can answer them.


(I’m a tool, but on your wedding day, I’m your tool)