Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: Tricky question. I first picked up a camera about six years ago, but my business has been in existence since summer 2016.


Q: What made you choose wedding photography?

A: In all honesty, this wasn’t my original intention, but I also wouldn’t change my career path for anything. Back in art school, I decided I wanted to shadow a real freelance photographer to pick their brain about the business and learn what the business is like. I didn’t have a preference with what kind of photographer I worked with, so I became a lighting assistant to a local wedding photographer. Eventually, I started snapping a few photos at some of those jobs and then soon after I landed my first wedding job. Word of mouth took over from there!


Q: I love your work, but I don’t think you’re within our budget! Are you open to negotiation?

A: If you have budgetary questions, please don’t be shy about them. I like to operate with as much transparency as I can, and I want my potential clients to feel the same way. I know pulling thousands of dollars for photography isn’t easy, and solutions such as paying in installments can totally be discussed.


Q: How many photos will I receive [from my wedding] and how long will it take to receive them?

A: Every wedding is different, but my average delivery is anywhere between 500-800 images, in a timeline of about 4-6 weeks. Any more than 800ish images, and you’re not receiving a concise and curated gallery of your day, all you’ll be is overwhelmed. In a bad way.


Q: Can I have my RAW files?

A: Simply, no. I deliver carefully edited images, and RAW files being delivered would defeat that entire purpose, not to mention running into plenty of unnecessary copyright issues. The creative control should be left in the hands of your photographer. If your concern is file size, talk to me about it. I’d be happy to deliver some selected larger files (such as TIFF) if you’d like some files to be bigger for something like mural printing one of your photos!


Q: Do you retouch portraits?

A: Again, a simple no. While I believe retouching is an incredible and admirable skill, it’s not in line with my style of work. I like to be as honest and real as possible with my photographs, and something like tedious retouching isn’t staying true to how you looked on that day. It’s significantly altering it.