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My name is Sloane Dakota Tucker. I make a lot of dad jokes, binge watch k-dramas, and I’m a professional third wheel.*

*wedding photographer

I’m not that photographer that picked up a camera at age 6 and knew this was my calling. I tried guitar, writing, singing, and even a little painting before I found this work. But once I found it, I wasn’t gonna let it go.

I spent most of my life (and the start of my career) living in the greater Washington, DC area, where I got my Bachelor's at George Washington U. Guess what I studied? Spoiler alert: photography. Now I reside in the Hudson Valley of New York (specifically: Beacon). I guess the mountains called to me.

Other things: I love dogs. I will yell "PUPPY!" at every dog sighting, no matter what, where, or when. I dig modern art museums, grocery shopping (yes. grocery shopping.), bread of all shapes and sizes, and always staying on the hunt for the PERFECT shade of red lipstick as my power color. My Meyers-Briggs is INTP and my enneagram is 4w3, if you speak either of those languages.

Another (totally unnecessary thing) you should know about me is that I’m obsessed with middle names and bilingualism. I won’t even explain why. I just am.

I don’t take myself super seriously (I never have), because what I do for a living is FUN. I just want to have to have a great time with you on your wedding day and deliver some bomb photos while doing so.